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Training Catalog


Apex offers several trainings on an ongoing basis. Below you can learn more about what trainings are offered along with a brief description of each. We believe that through education and awareness, we as a community can make a greater impact on the wellbeing of our youth and families!

If you would like to attend a training please visit our Event Calendar page for available dates and registration. 


Loving Them Is Not Enough - two part series (please attend consecutively)

Description: Using three videos from the Arizona Trauma Institute, this training will explain the aspects and affects of stress and trauma on children that are in foster care. It will also provide strategies for staff and foster parent in working with state wards with behaviors.


Child Abuse and Mandatory Reporting (self led training)

Description: This training meets the training requirement for independent providers by covering the Child and Adult Protective Services Acts, explaining mandatory reporters, discussing reasonable cause, outlining how to report and explains how an investigation happens, and talking about the Central Registry and penalties for violating laws.

*You will have to click on the link for the certificate and input your name and date of attendance.


Human Trafficking

Description: This training will outline what human trafficking is (including both sex and labor trafficking), how to identify when trafficking is occurring, and attempts to prevent trafficking. This training is extremely important as Omaha is one of the cities with a higher risk of trafficking.


Cultural Competency

Description: Explore different cultures and how they vary from each other, including specific traits for the cultures as well as the six dimensions of culture. This training should enhance our understanding of culture and how to work with youth and families from different cultures, as the children’s cultures are a significant part of their identify and history.  


Understanding Poverty

Description: This training will cover the broad span of the culture and cycle of poverty, including the types of poverty, the characteristics and hidden rules of poverty, and the effect that poverty has on children.  The barriers to moving out of poverty will also be discussed and what is needed to help break these barriers.


Suicide Prevention

Description: This training will briefly discuss depression and self-harming, but the focus will be on suicidal ideation and the proactive/preventative steps to take for a youth with a history of the behavior, particularly created a safety plan and working with the treatment team, as well as Apex’s policies when a youth discloses that they are feeling suicidal.


Domestic Violence 

Description: This training will review what domestic violence is. The trainer will also discuss reasons why it is difficult for victims to leave violent situations in addition to providing steps in addressing someone in a violent situation.


Eating Disorders 

Description: This training will detail what eating disorders are, including the specific diagnostic information regarding commonly known disorders like anorexia and bulimia as well as those that are less common. The training will also discuss how to treat individuals that have an eating disorder.


Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Description: This training will review what Autism Spectrum Disorder is, as we have a significant number of placements that are on the spectrum. The trainer will discuss the aspects of ASD, how it is diagnosed, and services and skills of working with a youth on the spectrum.


Online Safety 

Description: This training will review online safety, as youths are online a significant period of time daily and they are vulnerable online. The training will outline the concerns and dangers of being online and how foster parents should be cognizant of that and involved in the youths’ online activity.    


Professional Boundaries

Description: This training will outline professional, ethical, and healthy boundaries for foster parents and workers.   


LGBTQ+ Trainings through the Center of Excellence LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Equity (self led training)

Description: These trainings address various topics and issues regarding LGBTQ+ (or diverse SOGIE), including Sexual Orientation and Behavioral Health 101; Gender Identity, Expression, and Behavioral Health 101; and more. As more of our foster youths that need placement identify as diverse SOGIE, these trainings assist with providing terminology and a basic understanding of these youths’ needs. The training will also test your knowledge of the training material before providing you with your certificate for that training.
Websites:  (Site where you sign up for the training) (Site you attend the training in)


*Unless noted otherwise, these trainings will continue to be held virtually. If any trainings are held in-person, they will be noted, and you will be notified in the email for the training. 

For any training related questions or additional information please contact Jessica at 402-571-5400 or email